Check out tips to run and play Pokemon Go in old cell phones

Pokemon Go became a real rage among gaming fans, but not all iPhone ( iOS ) devices and Android can run the game. Smartphones and older tablets can present problems such as crashes, slowdowns, and even errors to close the title suddenly.
Fortunately, there are alternatives to improve application performance. Thus, the game will run more smoothly and save phone battery. Needing help to run Pokemon Go? Check out the tips.

Disable sounds and effects

Apparently harmless, sound effects and Pokémon Go songs can be villains in the poor performance of the game on some devices. If the game presents small “gagging” in audio or slow, go to the settings menu.

Disable the options “Music”, “Sound Effects” and “Vibration”. If the battery is little lasting, you can also enable “Battery Saver” mode.

Close other applications on your device

Pokemon Go is a relatively heavy application that requires a lot of your machine’s processing power. If you try to run the game with several other open apps, it may be that the post game, close abruptly and has low performance.
Whenever you play, Pokémon Go for many hours, be sure to close other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp. In addition to saving battery, you will also ensure the best operation of the game.

Turn off the camera (AR)

At the time of capture Pokémon, you can use the mode “IR”, which enables the camera of your device to make it more interactive experience. Although fun, the function is capable of much harm the game performance on devices with more modest hardware.
To avoid problems, be sure to disable the function in the upper right corner of the screen. Instead of the camera image, the background will be replaced by a digital landscape.

Use an app to release the RAM of your device

Excessive consumption of Pokémon Go RAM is a big problem for older phones and do not have much memory. With this, the game will run with some slow, it will take to run and may have errors during use.
A good option is to use an application to “clean up” the phone’s RAM. Perhaps the most popular option is the Clean Master, which can be downloaded for free .

That’s All For the Tips and tricks on Pokemon Go

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