How to play Lucioball, the new football mode Overwatch

Overwatch is the one of the successful franchise Blizzard, the creator of World of Warcraft and Starcraft. Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the company’s first FPS captivated players all over the planet with their frantic and well competitive online battles, which were even better after the addition of Luciobol launched the way to celebrate the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Get tips to get right in the matches.

Luciobol was inserted into Overwatch as part of contention. That is, it is a seasonal event. Just like the theme clothes inspired by the Olympics (or Summer Games), it will be available for a limited time.

To access the mode, click “Play” in the main menu, and then the Luciobol icon. Quickly match will start at the Stadium of Frogs, a new map built exclusively for this mode.

The new arena has inspired look in Rio de Janeiro, with even a replica of Christ the Redeemer. A very suitable scenario since Luciobol looks a lot like a soccer naked.

The structure and rules of the games are very familiar to anyone who has played Rocket League: teams of three players face each other and are designed to push the ball into the opponent’s goal, winning who make more points until the end of time.

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The main difference in this way for the others is that here you can not pick your favorite character: all six players necessarily act with Lucio hero. Therefore it is recommended to familiarize enough with its unique gameplay. Furthermore, the floor panels oranges can be used to give higher jumps.

In Luciobol, the hero has the same strokes and movements of the normal games, only here the punch gives a light touch on the ball, while the gunshots send the ball into the woods. As the weapon has a cooldown, the idea is to shoot it only on goal clear chances or when you need to delete a threat of attack from the rival team.

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