Pokémon GO: hack allows you to move your character without moving

New cheats just do not stop to arise for Pokémon GO. But a new method developed for app owners of iOS promises to ease greatly the lives of the lazy who do not want to stay out of the journey to be a Pokemon master. This software called Poke ++, hacks into your smartphone to add new features to the game that help (and) in your hunt.
And what you can do with this new software? Quite a lot. For starters, it adds a joystick on the screen for the player to control his coach the map, simulating an offset that you normally would when walking (or running). You can also control the character’s movement speed, put it to patrol the scene automatically or select specific points on Google Maps to explore; the coach, in turn, will walk alone there.

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Not even the little monsters will be able to hide from you with the help of this mod. That’s because the Poke ++ shows not just any next Pokémon through a radar system on the side of the screen, and allows your coach go directly to the creature’s location with a tap on the desired item from that menu – regardless of the monster is or not in your field of vision.
The most impressive part of this method, however, is that it is almost proof banishments if used correctly. After all, unlike most other methods, including using GPS spoofing applications to “teleport” the player by the map, the system simulates a normal speed, passing directly beneath the radar Niantic. All this using the official app of Pokémon GO, it is worth remembering.

Before you get excited too with the idea of using the hack, but it is good to make it clear that use Poke ++ is not an easy process. This is because to use this tool; you must either have your iOS unlocked with the jailbreak or be prepared to redo the process weekly.
Whatever the preferred method, be aware that it is not for the less experienced on computers and can cause problems for your app or your smartphone if done incorrectly.

PLEASE NOTE: due to order, remove the step by step of how to hack into the game. You can, however, check the original video by clicking here for the version with the jailbreak, and here, for the version without jailbreak. We remember, of course, that the TecMundo does not support the use of hacks for Pokémon GO, but gambling as was done by Niantic. If you still want to, do so at your risk.

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